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Instagram is on the rise. This social network is becoming the place for brands to publish their products and connect with new customers. At the time, Instagram has over 400 million active users which make it obvious why this is a good place for business.

There is no real formula that always works if you want to get more followers on your page, but there are always new strategies that will interest people and make them follow your page. This guide will show you some of the ways to boost your Instagram page successfully.

The tactics we will discuss turned out to be the most effective ways of gaining new followers. If you are looking to boost your page, you just have to try these options.

Using social networks without a goal leads to wasted time and resources. The feedback you get is low if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. A nice strategy will help you target people better. That will result in more followers in no time.

Create and Stick to a Clear Instagram Strategy

There are three main strategies for building a successful Instagram page and here they are:

Strategy One: Research the competitors

You have to analyze what successful people are doing on Instagram. Bu doing that, you will get insight into what type of content draws people to others, the frequency of posting and how other users engage the audience. Instagram is integrated into Hootsuite which enables you to monitor others and that will help you in your future posts.

Strategy Two: Decide what is the story you want to tell

If you want to be successful and draw as many people as you can to your profile, you have to know what story you’re telling. You need great narrative in your photos because that will give users a sense of purpose and inspire them to tell others about your profile. That will make your account more attractive for sure. You need to satisfy the curiosity of the followers by sharing your personal experience on a topic. You should also show bits of your lifestyle and achievements, to interest people. It is very important that you dose the posts correctly. Posting too much can bore people and not post enough will make them forget about you. The Instagram competition is huge.

Strategy Three: Set goals

You need to know exactly what you want because your success depends only on your goals. You need to set Instagram goals that align with your marketing. Never set a goal that is too hard to reach.

instagram strategy

Make Your Instagram More Visible

If you are having problems with getting new followers for Instagram, there is a simple way to make it easy for people to find you. That is why you need to find ways to make new users discover your account. These are some strategies you can use:

  • Announce your Instagram profile on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever you might be using. You can also boost the posts with ads to make sure that you get the most followers.
  • Link your account to your email signature, newsletters and all other places that can help users find you on Instagram.
  • Follow people and make sure to like and leave comments on their photos. This will increase your Instagram exposure and people will want to know who you are.
  • Embed your photos on Instagram to your blogs

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most used options on Instagram. Did you ever think about posting a hashtag? People don’t understand how important hashtags are when you to reach a bigger audience. They allow users to tap into targeted communities right away, without searching too much. All you have to do is put your fingers on the keyboard and make a hashtag out of every word you post a picture.

After doing that, you need to sit back, relax, and just watch as the number of followers slowly rises. The hashtags are a great way to get some new followers.

Mention People in Your Posts

One of the reasons why people join Instagram is the fact that they want to get social. If you follow people’s profile and you like the stuff they post all the time, you should definitely contact them and exchange some opinions.

By talking to them, you’ll get to know them better and if you connect, they will mention you in their posts as you become a part of their Instagram life. This makes you approachable by all of their followers and that will eventually result in more followers for you too.

Pick The Right Time for Posting

The right time is an important variable in anything and everything you do, and that can be applied to social media as well. You must be aware of the time to get the best impact and response on your post. You need to know what people like to see at what time.

For example, you are having lunch with your friends, you should post it right away rather than waiting in the evening or maybe even a couple of days. If you have a celebration or a party of some kind, post it that day. This will help you target the people in your time zone, which will result in more followers. Simple as that.

The right time is an important variable in anything and everything you do, and that can be applied to social media as well. You must be aware of the time to get the best impact and response on your post. You need to know what people like to see at what time.

For example, you are having lunch with your friends, you should post it right away rather than waiting in the evening or maybe even a couple of days. If you have a celebration or a party of some kind, post it that day. This will help you target the people in your time zone, which will result in more followers. Simple as that.

Get Your Audience’s Attention

Sure, you might have tons of followers on Instagram, but to have even more, you need to catch their eye with a post while they are scrolling down their newsfeed. You need to post an awesome photo that will make people stop scrolling and comment on it. If you don’t have an outstanding photo, you can post an average one, with a highly motivated caption that people can identify with.

When they start commenting, reply them with a very friendly tone of voice and just watch your friend list grow. You have to show other people that you can feel and that you understand their views and opinions. That’s the sure way to success.

Spend More Time on Instagram

This sounds like a cliche, but the more you are active on Instagram, the more followers you will get. You have to be active and deliver new posts as much as possible if you want to get more followers.

First, you need to figure out what type of Instagram user you want to be. Then, you have to act that way and keep posting. Followers will come a little later. If you’re an introvert and you don’t show people that you care, you won’t have any results.

The only way to get more followers is to show interest in other people’s lives and profiles. Always check out what others are uploading, leave a comment or a like and you’ll have more followers in no time.

Learn From Successful Instagram Celebrities

There are plenty of guides that can teach you how to use social media more effectively. Some are useful, but most are complete garbage you need to ignore. The people who upload some real advice and information do that for a living. Those people can make trivial things like having breakfast or standing in line at the market seem interesting. These are the types of users you need to watch closely if you want more followers.

If they share the information for free, make use of it right away, it would be stupid not to. Follow the most popular Instagram users and follow their lead. You’ll have tons of followers in no time.


Well, like with other things in life, if you find it too hard to do something, you can always cheat. You can, for example, post only pictures about getting more followers. That is simple and easy and it is effective.

If you don’t want to do that, you can leave it for others. Find a paid service that will get you new Instagram followers for a certain amount of money. This will save you lots of effort and time, but, you’ll have to spend some cash.

Post From Interesting Places

People like interesting things. If you keep posting only photos from your own home, or work, or maybe what you’re having for lunch, you won’t get new followers. You need to make sure to always post from concerts or the bar. In order for the people to find you interesting, you have to be interesting.

Posting specific information like photos of your hometown or other places, you will attract only people who find the same places interesting or who live in the same city. You need to post great shots and amazing captions to widen your targeted audience.

Make the best of every post

Most people use Instagram on a daily basis. They view lots of posts on their wall every day, so your needs to stand out. That can be difficult because the competition is so big. You need to stop being lazy and put your head to good use. Think of nice catchy posts and photos that will stop people and make them think. By doing that as much as possible, you’ll get requests and new followers every day.

Pictures are not enough, you need a great caption to get more feedback. Some humor works wonders. The point is to post something that many people relate to. It can be an everyday thing that people relate to. Tell them obvious stuff that they already know and ask questions with your posts. Doing these things correctly, you can get tons of followers in no time.

make best of every post

Help Others With Their Posts

Just like you are trying to raise the number of followers, mane others are doing the same thing. The social medias are all about the communities build within it. Find new followers by following them first! Like their posts, express your opinion and share the content with others. Many of them will return the favor

If you start working with successful users, you can slowly work your way up the rank and gather lots of followers that way. It might be a little tricky at first, but one door will open another and you will also meet awesome people on the way.

There are much more useful tips you can find that can help you get more followers on Instagram, but these twelve above are more than enough. You can take the easy way out, like buying followers and re-posting only the posts that are very popular, and copying what successful users do. But, if you want to really do something and put your own personal touch into the profile, you’ll need to work for it.

Sit down, relax, think about how you feel and what’s happening around you. Then, reformulate that in a caption and find or take the perfect photo to go with it. People need to identify themselves with your post and the number of followers will keep rising quicker than you could have ever imagined.

You also have to take the time to comment on other people posts, and follow new people all the time. This is a little time consuming, but if you work for it, you can turn your Instagram profile into a business once you’ve reached more people.

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