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Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks to date. The popularity of an account is determined by the number of followers and likes it has. As a user, you always get a notification when someone starts following you or likes a picture you posted, but there are no notifications to see who unfollowed you. There is a good reason for that.

If everyone was aware of who unfollowed them and why there would be much drama all over the network. Still, people all around the world are wondering about who unfollowed them when they see the number of their followers reduced. This is normal because it’s important to have a huge number of followers. So how can you see who stopped following you?

The most used way of determining who stopped caring about your profile is to remember all followers and then go through the list, looking for the ones that are missing. This is possible only if you don’t have too many followers, but it is still hard to follow and count. Troubled users sat down and thought about how to fix this problem.

The only way to really keep track of who unfollowed you on Instagram is to get a third party app that helps users track their profiles and other users who decided to unfollow them. We are going to talk about the best options for doing so. There is always a way to find out what’s going on with your followers.

InstaFollow/Followers for Instagram

“Followers for Instagram” is the iOS app that helps users see who unfollowed them. The app is called InstaFollow on Android devices. So, what does this free app do? Well, this is certainly the best tool to find unfollowers and it also has a bunch of other useful Instagram tools too.

The app was designed to help users find new interesting profiles to follow, and it lets other users find your profile too. The app also provides a great overview statistic about each account after logging on.

instafollow app

One of the available options on the app is the “lost followers” feature which provides an accurate list of all users that unfollowed you. That way, you can always see who stopped following you when you log on. The app is available for download at all app stores without charge.


As you may already guess, Unfollowgram is a very simple yet effective site that helps users figure out who unfollowed their Instagram account. All you need to do to get this information is to leave your e-mail address. The site will then track your followers and likes for you.

Then, just log in and you will get a list of users that unfollowed you and even users that you don’t follow back. It’s a pretty useful site, that’s for sure.

Unfollowgram app

With this information in mind, you can decide which users you want to re-engage and win back, and which you just want to forget about. If you use Instagram to promote your business, these tools can make a major difference in your success.

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