(Last Updated On: January 26, 2017)

Are your social media accounts clogged with fake followers? Wouldn’t it be nice to clear your followers list? If you are active on any social media platform, there’s a possibility that you have a couple of ghost followers. Moreover, you might be following some fake accounts as well. But there’s a way to solve this problem.

This article will inform you of everything there is to know about ghost followers and their removal from your profile.

What are fake followers and why are they an issue?

Fake followers on social media accounts are inactive accounts which are following you but never join actively by liking or commenting your posts.  These accounts do not present a problem for people who are willing to have a huge number of followers.

On the other hand, people who want a high level of interaction on their profile pages have a huge problem with inactive accounts. Even if you like being popular and being in the center of attention, ghost followers aren’t the right way to get there. Most social media platforms, such as Instagram, base their popular users’ pages on the amount of real and active followers.


That means that the fewer ghost followers you have, you have a better chance of being popular. Fake followers don’t provide any benefits for those who own a business as well. They can’t buy a product or a service, although they may provide a bit of marketing for you. Also, these accounts expose you to phishing or spam and put you in jeopardy to have your account deleted as well.

Ghost followers on Instagram

Instagram is certainly one of the most famous social media platforms where people can post pictures, videos, stories etc. Users of this social media platform can choose between numerous filters for making their pictures/videos more attractive. Like other popular social networks, Instagram allows users to follow accounts which are familiar or appealing to them.

Instagram seems to be the best place for ghost followers since there are a lot of people who just want to look at your posts without interacting with you. This kind of inactivity can not only harm your privacy but also cause IG to deactivate your account. People in charge of social media are keen on having active users and having ghost followers are a liability to your profile.

Moreover, if you are owning a business account with a huge number of followers but you have low activity on it, people will probably think that this account is a ghost account as well. Consequently, this type of accounts aren’t trustworthy and won’t improve your business status.

Identifying and removing ghost followers on IG

Although Instagram has their own policy of cleaning up their application from ghost users so that active users have a more friendly environment, there are some ways you can identify ghost followers yourselves. You can do it manually, the old fashioned way, or you can look for a solution in numerous applications for removing ghost followers.

removing-ghost followers

The first way is to check your profile and analyze your list of followers in order to find out who has been active on Instagram and who has been either spying on you or just hasn’t used this social network app for a long period of time. If you see no recent activity or any type of engagement, that account is considered to be a ghost follower. The next logical step would be that you block that account.

The manual way seems like a good option, but the problems appear when you have a huge number of followers and manual removal doesn’t seem like a good option. Luckily, there’s a solution for that as well.

Ghost followers removal apps

Having a huge number of followers is certainly an indicator of popularity but it also puts you at risk of having your account deleted because of ghost followers. You may try and analyze their profiles manually but that wouldn’t be something a regular person would do.

Fortunately enough, there are apps which control your Instagram followers and you can easily unfollow or block those pesky inactive accounts. NB – Sometimes, the deleted and blocked followers can still be shown on your followers list because of Instagram cache. You should clear it or wait a couple of days for the changes to happen on your account.

The list of apps which control your followers/following list is very long, but there are some which stand out of the crowd. I’ll suggest some apps which might come in handy for cleaning your followers list:

  • Crowdbable – This app allows you to download a thorough list of all your followers on Instagram just by completing a form and paying an affordable fee. Although the fact it’s not a free app may be considered as a downside, this tool proves to be very effective in removing ghost followers. After giving them your e-mail address and Instagram username you’ll get a CSV file. The file will contain your full list of followers and a detailed description of their activities. On that list, you could see which accounts have been inactive and block them as suggested above.
  • Crowdfire – An app that allows you to manage both your Instagram and Twitter account. This application providescrowdfire you with an insight of your followers activities. The best thing about this app is that the information is available instantly. You can actually check which users have been idle and get rid of them promptly.
  • IGExorcist– This is a free tool which can help you check your list for ghost followers. You will need to sign in with your IG account and the app will crosscheck the followed account and the interaction with them in the past 300 days. After clicking on the “Request rebuild” button, the app user is able to see which accounts are inactive. Ghost followers are the accounts which haven’t liked or commented on your posts in the last 300 days. This app takes its time to thoroughly extract possible ghost accounts. It also allows you to remove any account you consider inactive by a simple click on the account’s picture.
  • InstaGhost – This applications’ goal is to eliminate your Insta ghost follows. Users who haven’t liked or commented instaghostyour posts recently will be identified as ghost followers. Also, if a follower of yours hasn’t been active for a while and doesn’t have any recent activity, this app will mark him as a ghost follower and a potential threat to your account. An interesting feature of this app is that it gives you the percentage of the followers who are in your contact list.It can also tell you how many of your followers are considered ghost followers. However, you won’t be able to remove the inactive users with this app. You can use it to see whether you should install another one and remove those ghost follows with it.
  • Followers+ Another app which brings you a deep analysis of your followers’ activities. It can show you the total like count of your followers, the number of posted photos etc. This way, you can see which users haven’t been active and remove them.

Final summation

To conclude, we all must agree that posting and commenting on social media platforms is a way of expressing ourselves and that, in general, people who post a lot would probably appreciate active interaction. Ghost followers aren’t what social media users are looking for and consequently must be removed.

Instagram management is doing their best, but some action must be taken by users as well. This problem can be solved and as you have seen in this review, there are applications which can efficiently remove all inactive users.

These applications will give unclog your Instagram profile flow, deteriorate the risk of marking your profile as a ghost account and give you a pleasurable experience while using Instagram or any other social media platform.

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