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(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

If you are new user, you will definitely benefit from short and precise guide about the basic features and tricks that you can use. Therefore, we decided to write such post on our blog – tips and tricks for new Instagram users. Before we start be sure to open accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as well, because we will create connected accounts that will generate huge amount of followers.

1.Install App – If you are using smart phones you can also download the app from Google Play, Windows Phone Store or App Store and install it on your phone. Next step is registration; you should register your personal account. Tap on the Instagram icon on your screen and enter your valid email address or login with your Facebook account. Instagram and Facebook are connected after Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for 1 million $! Now you have your Insta account and you are ready to start with your Instagram promotion! You can access to your account at any time from your computer, tablet or phone.


2.Create profile photo  – Next thing that you should do is to add your profile image, just go to your profile and tap on your profile picture. You will notice small blank circle by your name, so tap on it. It will open photo s on your phone, so you can upload the best one and place it as your profile photo. You can also use your profile image from other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

3.Find people – So far, so good! You successfully created your account and uploaded your profile image, now it is right time to find people you would like to follow on Instagram. To do so, select Find Friends and use search option. You can search by tag, username or name and simply start to follow your friends or some interesting people on Instagram.

4.Post your first photo – It is finally time to post your first photo on Instagram. To do it, simply tap on camera icon. It is camera icon in the middle of the menu, so tap on it and then tap on Next. Now, you can apply different photo filters if you like. In next step you can add tags or captions to your photo and there you are  you’ve posted your first photo on Instagram!


Let us describe in detail a little bit more about different filters that you can use on Instagram.You can use different options to enhance your photos, or you can use different photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop Express. Try to learn the basics of photo editing, it will be of great help and it will bring additional likes and followers. Quality of photos is very important on Instagram, somehow or other you should make your images to be different, to stand out of the crowd and be noticed.

5.Placing a tag  –  placing  tags in photos is important and it is really simply done on Instagram. When you are about to upload new image, simply tap on the person and enter username or name of that person. You can also use search option to find the name of the person and place tag. That is important because, tagged person will most likely share your photo and generate more likes and followers. You can also add tag to uploaded photo, just go to Tag People and add name of your friend!


6.How to mention others  To mention other persons in your photos, just type @ sign and add name of person you want to mention, for example @John, @Maria etc. When you place such notification, person that is mentioned will receive notification and it will, most likely reply to your comments.

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