(Last Updated On: January 25, 2017)

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate your social network posts and receive a steady increase of new followers?

Marketing or just posting on social networks can be a time-consuming task, especially if you want to stay relevant on a couple of networks at once. We are going to take a detailed look into what Mass Planner has to offer and why it’s one of the best social media marketing software you can find.

What is Mass Planner?

The Mass Planner is a useful software that allows you to automatically post and interact with other users through social networks including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram

Let’s put things this way: You are an owner of a business and you want to build up a large following on Instagram. You need a lot of followers who will view and interact with your posts and hopefully check out your affiliate links. The most popular method of creating a following on Instagram is the “follow and unfollow” method. So how does it work? Simple, really. You need to spend a lot of time with your phone in your hand, sending follower requests to as many users that fit in your brand’s niche as possible.

mass planer

Those users will then get notifications saying that you have followed them. Many of them will follow you back, and the number of your followers will keep going up. After some time, you have to start unfollowing as many accounts as you can. Since there is no notification for an unfollowing, other users won’t know you have deleted them from your list.

Keep repeating this process as much as possible, and you should get enough followers that will interact with the content you post and follow your affiliate links further.

However, there is an obvious problem with this method – it takes up too much time. You will have to spend many hours typing away on your phone instead of doing other, more important things. Even if you spend lots of hours doing so, many of the people you have followed won’t click on your links, so you won’t make any money on them, which makes the entire ordeal even less profitable.

Not only that, if you want to create some serious income, you will have to use this technique from dozens of accounts at the same time. Only one won’t be enough, and you won’t get anywhere. When you add the time and the many profiles you need to create a significant profit, it’s easy to see why this method is nearly impossible to implement into reality.

How great would it be to have a program that runs in the background at all times, adding followers and posting stuff on social networks without taking up any of your time? You can spend all that time doing things you want to, like walking the dog, doing business, working out, whatever you want.

Mass Planner does things like:

  • schedule-post-at-exact-times-in-the-future-with-Mass-PlannerFinding and interacting with Facebook groups
  • Posting comments and posts in pages and groups
  • Reporting and liking on Instagram
  • Joining communities and following users on Google Plus
  • Other such social media activities

In fact, here is a complete list of social media networks it supports and the actions performs:

Twitter – Follows/Unfollows people every day, Favorite Tweets, ReTweets, uploads images and posts in bulk on a schedule

Facebook – Finds and joins group that fit your niche, schedule posting, can post clickable images, Auto posting in groups, and much more

Instagram – Auto follow/unfollow, Auto like, Auto comment

Pinterest – Likes pins, Auto RePin, Auto comment, Follows users and unfollows people who don’t follow you back. and much more

LinedIn – Joins groups, schedule posts, looks for target groups

Google Plus – Joins communities, schedule posts, Auto follow/unfollow

So, does it deliver as promised? Let’s take a closer look.

What does the software look like?

The Mass Planner is a pretty complicated program with tons of features and options, so you can’t get a real feel for it without a video tutorial. You can find one on Youtube to get a feel for the program. We didn’t have time to make one ourselves, but you can find a couple of them that give you a complete overview of what this software looks like. Now, let’s get to the good things about the software.


The good

Tons of features.

Mass Planner has lots of really useful features you can actually use to your advantage. The programmers did their jobs, and you’ll be amazed once you figure out how to use the numerous features to your advantage.

Works on most social networks.

You can find many social media automation tools on the internet, but the problem with most of them is that they only work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Mass Planner covers these and many other networks, including the not so popular Google Plus.


Easy to use

Even though it can seem like a very complicated program, you don’t need to be an IT expert with a degree in computer science to use the Mass Planer. All of the options are highlighted and easy to access so that most people can use it without much hassle. However, the interface looks a bit sketchy sometimes, it’s functional, and you can quickly select any option because everything is nice and clear. You’ll need to spend an hour or two to get to know the software. After that, you will be able to get your social network campaigns on the way.

Many options and customization

The customization of the posting process is imperative because you want your posts to look at least semi-natural. The randomization options are a great way to get good results in the long run. For example – you can set them to automatically follow anywhere between 10 and 40 accounts in periods of one to five hours. This option will probably give you the best results.


Fair price

The Mass Planner costs only 10 dollars a month which are more than a fair price for all the things you get with it. The problem is that you have to pay extra to get some additional features, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Helpful tutorials

When you visit the Mass Planner’s website, you can find helpful, detailed tutorials that will point out all the functions you can use to get the most out of the software. You can, of course, learn how to use the software on the go, but if you want some results real quick, these tutorials will be of great help.

Updated regularly

The developers of this software are constantly working on new updates to make sure that it runs as it should. They are also always looking for ways to stay ahead of the evolving game of social networks. Keeping the software up to date needs a lot of effort, and these guys are certainly doing an excellent job.

The Bad

Additional modules cost extra

If you want to use additional modules that unlock new features you don’t get with the basic software package, you’ll have to pay some extra money. You will also have to spend more money if you want to use the software to manage more than a couple of accounts at the same time. If you are planning to spam the social networks with posts and requests, prepare to spend additional dollars to be able to do so.

No lifetime access

The monthly billing service is sadly the only option when it comes to paying, and that can get on some people’s nerves. If you already have the need to use a software like this one, you are probably going to use it for longer than a month. Once you see the benefits of Mass Planner, you are surely going to use it in the future. An Ultimate Edition of the software with a lifetime access would be great for long-time users.

No Mac support

Yes, we were also thinking how could this be? Mac computers are widely used by millions of people worldwide, but for some reason, the Mass Planner doesn’t support them. You can use software like Parallels that works around the limitations you get with a Mac computer, but that’s not the best option. Internet marketing software like this one are not supported by Mac, which is not surprising, but it sure is annoying sometimes.

Ugly Interface



As far as functionality, the interface is clean and easy to use, but looking at it from the aesthetic angle, it’s not what we’d call attractive looking. Of course, that’s not the most important feature, the software does what it’s supposed to, but it could look a little better.

The cost of the software

Sadly, there are only two pricing options when you get the Mass Planner – you can pay for it monthly or every six months.

Most users go along with the monthly option, even though paying once every six months would save some money. The reason why this is happening is that social media automation software like this one, are becoming harder to work with, so people choose to spend more time on other projects rather than paying six months in front.

software cost

If you are not sure about getting the software right away, you get a 5 day free trial period which is very nice. This gives you enough time to get to know the features of the software and how to use them to get the best results. If you don’t like what the software has to offer, make sure to cancel the trial period because it will rebill into a paid option if you don’t. Sneaky.

You can also spend money on specific one-off fees that unlock some features. This usually happens if you want to run social network campaigns on more than one account on the same platform. The standard subscription allows you to manage 2 accounts on each platform. You can buy 8 extra accounts per platform for 10 in total for an additional 15 bucks. The money is worth it if you want to increase your results. 25 extra dollars will give you space for 15 accounts, and if you pay 70 dollars, you can manage an unlimited number of accounts. Get this into consideration before you make the final decision.

A Note on Proxies

If you are planning to put the Mass Planner into some serious and heavy work, you will absolutely need to use proxies with it. If you don’t, the social networks are going to see through your game almost instantly. Running multiple accounts to advertise in different niches from the same IP address is a huge no-no. The goal of the spamming game is to make sure everything is up and running in a way that can’t be detected. Otherwise, if your accounts get caught, you will be banned from that social media for good.

Proxies are not that expensive, and you can get enough of them for 20-30 dollars a month. If you didn’t use them before, you would have to spend some time on Youtube tutorials and forums to learn how they work. Since Mass Planner supports SOCK and HTTP proxies, you can get them from any provider anywhere.

There is one thing you have to look out for – don’t use public proxies if you can avoid them. Public proxies are often not reliable enough, so they won’t give you the results you were expecting through the software. If you can pay for private proxies and you should be able to cover the extra cost with the results you’ll get on social media.

Who is Mass Planner for?

Mass Planner is the ideal tool for people who want to automate their social network posting and profile management on popular social medias like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. This program saves you a lot of time, and it increases your exposure on social networks which can only benefit your cause.


In reality, software like the Mass Planner is mostly used by affiliate and internet marketers that want to do things like:

  • Find and join public Facebook groups automatically to spam them with automatic comments that often contain links to a Clickbank, CPA offer, or whatever else they might be advertising.
  • Follow and unfollow massive amounts of Instagram profiles to maintain a healthy ratio on Instagram
  • Like tons of Instagram photos hoping that people will take time to browse through your profile

You can use Mass Planner in all kinds of ways and for all sorts of results, but most people use it to spread their affiliate links in front of as many people as they can. The software is supposed to help users post pictures and posts on social media easier, but people have found a better use for it. It is the ideal tool for building up a massive Instagram following you can use to popularize your brand, business, or even yourself if you want to.



  • Does everything needed for multiple social media accounts every day
  • Builds up your following and engages users with each post
  • The best tool to build up the number of your followers quickly
  • It also unfollows people while keeping a good follow/unfollow ratio
  • Reliable and functional
  • Special add-ons give you extra options
  • Easy to master and set up
  • Saves you a couple of hours a day
  • 5-day free trial


  • Lacks a one-off payment option
  • The interface looks ugly
  • You need a private proxy server for heavy software usage


Let’s get the final verdict – is Mass Planner worth buying?

The answer to this question is YES! 10 dollars a month is not much of an investment, but the program gives you lots in return for that price. You will be able to increase your exposure on social media tremendously, without having to spend hours to do so. Most people who use this software are looking for serious Facebook spamming and hammering to push affiliate links to as many people as possible. If that’s your case, get proxies, PVAed accounts, and burner domains with the Mass Planner to make it look like a manual rather than an automatic profile management.

The reality is that this program offers so many features you can use, the price they ask for it is ridiculous. It is true that you have to spend more money to get additional features, but they are not too expensive either. The biggest problem with the Mass Planner lies in the fact that you have to pay considerably more if you want to step up your game by using many different profiles.

Since there are so many ways to using this software in a way that will bring you money, you’ll need to plan your tactic carefully to get the best results. Otherwise, you could end up spending 10 dollars a month for something that doesn’t make much difference at all. Don’t pay for the program unless you want to use it to its full extent.

If you are a beginner with tools like the Mass Planner, don’t worry, you’ll get to know the program quickly, and once you do, you’ll understand how to use it to your advantage.

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