(Last Updated On: January 25, 2017)

Marketing on social media has reached its peak. Many small companies, business, and celebs use social media accounts to advertise their brands and products. The internet is a great place for ads because many people use it. Advertising on the internet is not a new concept, but the rules of the game have changed. You need to advertise your product as much as possible, on all social media you can. As you might imagine, this takes a lot of time and effort to do. The manual effort is no longer cutting it and that’s where software like the Mass Planner and Hootsuite do their thing. But which one is better? We are going to try answering that question by comparing what they have to offer.

Mass Planner

Mass Planner is a great program that saves you a lot of time when it comes to advertising. It automatically posts things, comments, likes other pages, looks for groups that fit your niche, and lots of other activities that save you both time and nerves. Before, companies used to hire people to post and take care of social media accounts, but not everyone can afford that. Mass Planner can do much more than one man, it can manage tons of accounts if needed.

mass planner

The MassPlanner is the software you need if you want to get more exposure on social media. This can help you build up a large following so you can advertise your products. It manages and updates all of your social accounts from the same place. If you pay some extra money every month, you can use it to manage an unlimited number of social media accounts and that will give you better results than you ever imagined. You can also schedule posts week in front so you won’t have to worry about that either. In fact, here is a list of the benefits you get by using Mass Planner:

  • Schedule your future posts to up to a month
  • Access to all social media accounts from the same place
  • Automatically joins groups that fit your niche
  • Shares posts on Facebook groups automatically
  • Follows/Unfollows users every day while keeping a good ratio
  • Works in a way that seems natural
  • Incredible customer support

(You can read more about this in our full Mass Planner review)

As you can see, Mass Planner takes care of almost everything that has to do with social media advertising, but, you have to be careful if you want to use it on many different accounts. The standard subscription allows you to manage two accounts per social network including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and others. If you pay extra, you can extend the number of accounts you can manage. 70 dollars above the standard price will allow you to manage an unlimited number of accounts, but you’ll also have to pay for Proxies so you don’t get banned by the social medias.

The biggest drawback of the software is the fact that it doesn’t work on Mac computers or on Linux. If you’re a Mac owner and you still want to use it, you’ll need to get an iOS computer to do so. Apart from that, we can say that it has an ugly (but functional) interface, and you have to keep the PC running at all times if you want the planner to do what you want it to do. Now, let’s see what Hootsuite has to offer.


Hootsuite works much the same like Mass Planner, but it has a couple of differences that might be just what you are looking for. It offers similar services, but it works in a different way. Apart from publishing and liking pages automatically, Hootsuite also looks for content that matches your niche making sure your posts are seen. You can also use the keyword search in the software to keep track at all conversations on all social networks, which is a huge time saver.


Hootsuite is a software that allows you to manage accounts on over 100 social networks, which is more than impressive. You can connect it to apps as well, which is something that Mass Planner can’t do. You can also access the program from different platforms and IP addresses at the same time. That is great if you work with someone or an entire team. All of you can log in and do research on the same profile.

Another benefit to Hootsuite is the fact that it’s free of charge of you need to manage up to three social media accounts. When you upgrade it to premium, you get almost the same options for the same price as what Mass Planner has to offer. Here’s what you get with Hootsuite:

  • Schedule tons of posts for the future
  • Suggestions can lead you where you need to be
  • Review and answer messages with the keyword search tool
  • Looks great and it’s easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Runs from any platform

Mass Planner vs. Hootsuite conclusion

Both MassPlanner and Hootsuite are great software for social media automation. They help you manage lots of profile on many different social networks without taking too much of your time. The biggest difference between them is the cost. Mass Planner costs less but offers more, even though it doesn’t look like much.


Hootsuite is missing features like the automatic group searching and posting on Facebook which is essential for your success. You can’t use proxies with Hootsuite and that can be a major problem if you want to manage lots of accounts from the same IP address. Furthermore, Mass Planner offers a 5-day trial period which gives you enough time to figure out if you want to use it or not.

Hootsuite looks better, but it offers fewer options than Mass Planner. If you choose to use MassPlanner, you will find tons of material and tutorials that are more than what you need to understand the software.

Bottom line

If you are uncertain about paying for Mass Planner, don’t be, it is well worth it. This software can do so much for you, the monthly fee is nothing compared to the huge impact it will have on the success of the product, brand, or business you advertise through it. Hootsuite used to be the best social media publishing software, but it’s not anymore because of the amazing Mass Planner.

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