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Jasmine Testimonial

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks, I am working in a restaurant as a cook, a couple of times I was taking a picture of spaghetti with all kinds of sauces we make. With using this marketing service people went crazy online for our place, I mean I got tons of likes on the last picture I posted on my Instagram profile. Combined with appropriate hashtags this program gave us customers who wanted try is our food tasty as it looks online. My boss wants to give me a raise and assignment to run official profile for our place on Instagram, this thing helped me a lot.

Gino Martin

Dear god, I was so surprised about this. I didn’t expect to be bad but I couldn’t imagine how great this one is. I was looking for something to increase the reach of my profile on Instagram because I wanted to spread a word about my jazz band where I play drums. And with this one, I could easily get in touch with people who are interested in this kind of music. Most awesome thing is we are now also in touch with some promoters for our shows out of the city. It’s incredible how you can track people who are doing the same stuff as you do with this service.

Paul Yockey

As a freelance web designer, I wanted to become more independent from other websites where you can find someone to work with it. By sharing photos of what I do and using screenshots I tried to show my work to people. When my brother told me about Instafollower I was a skeptic at the first moment because I haven’t used this kind of services until now. I decided to try to see what experience would be and I was really happy cause thanks to Instafollower I saw there are plenty of designers who are trying to present their portfolio on their profiles and work as individuals; also I got in touch with people who are part of some companies within my profession. With the number of people who are following my profile now, I can have insight how to improve work and satisfy those who hire me.

Edgar Buckley




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