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(Last Updated On: January 16, 2017)

No matter how we try to perceive Instagram, at the end of the day, it all comes to visuals. The better it looks, the more followers you will gain. Nowadays, people use Instagram for various reasons-to promote their work, for social reasons or just to have fun with posting and reviewing other posts. No matter what you are trying to achieve with Instagram you probably want more followers to gain publicity for this or that reason.

Being that we all know how hard it is, or rather how much time and effort it takes to become popular on any social network, we’ve addressed the problem and found some shortcuts. We’ve prepared tips and tricks that can help in this process of gaining popularity. Focusing on captions alone will bring success. So let’s see what you can do to modify your approach to this topic.

Target the right Audience

Before you take into consideration to post something, you probably spend some time questioning yourself is it the right one, whether or not it will achieve the effect you want, etc. In order to get what you want, you need to ask yourself the right questions. For example, if you’re an artist, and you want to promote your artwork on Instagram you need to focus on a specific group of audience. Knowing which group of people you want to address to is crucial. Only then you can focus on creating an engaging caption that will lure followers to your page. This way not only that you will get Instagram likes, but you will also have followers that are commenting and engaging your posts. And this is far more important that just having a number of followers that don’t contribute to expanding your influence.




Practice Makes Perfection

When creating captions don’t rush into posting the first idea as it comes. Instead, try to refine it and make it even better. Understand what you were trying to say and give it give more sense by changing some words in your caption. Remember that you are looking for meaningful words that will address your group of audience. Write a couple of great captions and then sit on it, give some thought into it and either combine them or choose the right one. It’s just like an artist creates a sketch before starting to draw real lines.


Not too long and not too short

The maximum amount of characters in a caption for Instagram is 2200 characters. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should make it as long as possible. The maximum number of characters is just a formality. You’ve probably noticed that after three or four lines captions are cut off, ending with a “more” option. This is exactly why you should focus on creating captions that are more than four lines in length. By setting up this option for your followers, you invite them to click and expand your captions to find out what your post is about. This increases the chances that someone will comment, or interact in any other way with your posts. Think of it this way: if they were curious enough to expand your post and read the whole thing they might as well add their opinion about it.



Add a call-to-action

The best way to make your audience engage with your posts is to add a call-to-action option in your captions. They will notice it, and instead of just scrolling by, they might actually find it interesting. Adding “tag a friend” or “share your story in the comments” option makes your post more interesting and engaging. You can also try a more direct approach and ask a question on popular topics.

If a new movie was just released, ask something interesting about a character or actor from that movie. Use your imagination and create your innovative approach using this technique. Starting your post with an interesting fact and finishing it with a question should get you some comments. Not only that your followers will learn something new, but they will also want to share their thought about this fresh information.


Don’t forget About Contests

Instagram gives you many options with posting, and one of them is to create a contest. Hashtag or photo contests that invite followers are great for increasing engagement. Many successful Instagrammers know all too well about this trick and they don’t hesitate to use it. And why should you be any different? If you have a set of headphones that you don’t use anymore or any other valuable possession that you aren’t too fond off any more use it to attract followers. Creating a prize for contest further increases the chances that a high number of followers will interact with your posts. Consider adding rules for the contestants to make it even more unique.


Don’t overdo it with hashtags

Hashtags are, without a doubt, what Instagram is famous for. But keep in mind that this is not a new trend. No one wants to see a post that has more than six in it. Captions that are overcrowded with hashtags can be annoying. Add powerful hashtags that can describe your photo with only a few of them. Don’t go over five hashtags and think about what hashtags you are using. There are some great generators that will create unique or at least inspire you to create unique hashtags.




Adapt Your Tone To Your Brand

While friendly tone might work for some posts, a more formal writing tone is required for other. It all depends on what you are trying to present to your followers. Your ideas become your brand on Instagram. And the more consistent you are in posting similar content, the more successful and popular you will become. So give it some time, and think about what might be the best tone to address to your followers in order to increase the chances for engagement. Just like we mentioned before, try to put your thought on paper and then decide which approach is the best.

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